Who is That Gay Art Chick?

Spoiler alert- some gay art chick.


Surprise, it’s me, the person writing this! If you were wondering what I look like before I give you a brief history of me, I can be seen below in my natural habitat rubbing art supplies on my face (or above reciting at a poetry slam a few years ago).

This is from a few years ago, but it’s still a good description of myself.

My love for art has taken me places I never thought possible, coast to coast, city to city. Incredible opportunities started cropping up before I even gradutated high school, where I was chosen to be head student curator for a Larry Fink show, my work was shown in a professional gallery, etc. Following graduation, I packed my life into two suitcases, threw my kitten over my shoulder and moved to Portland, Oregon from my small Pennsylvania town dreaming of a career in tattooing, only to realize the Portland art scene and that profession was nowhere near what I was looking for (an epiphany I had while sipping sangria and popping Good and Plenty’s at a gallery opening dedicated to the Velvet Underground). Just over a month following that realization, my bags were packed and now my cat and I are settled into another new home in the Big Apple, where I take breaks from making drinks for people to hang around galleries and ramble about them.

At this point, I would be surprised if you weren’t questioning why you should listen to what I have to say about art, and I’m not here to argue with you. I’ve had three years of art history, four years of classical art training, and I’m still very much learning. Granted, I’ll never stop learning, but I’m inviting you to join me on my quest.