That Gay Art Chick is generally known as Emily Swavely, who is a, well, gay (bisexual technically) art chick. She’s been drawing intensely since 5th grade, however recently she’s shifted focus more to gallery work and currently volunteers at Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space in the Essex Street Market. Thanks to school, she’s had 3 years to cultivate a fairly solid foundation in art history, and thanks to life she has an incredible love for connecting with people, especially through art.

This blog began as a way to satisfy my need to talk about my impressions of the art world (both past and present), and not drive my former film-loving roommates crazy. The title is more making fun of stereotypes, however I will discuss queer identities in art occasionally. My passion has always been creating and discussing art; I love how art bridges gaps and connects people that never would’ve had common ground. That being said, I also thrive off meeting people and making connections, so feel free to start a conversation.

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